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Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Father is Born

Hello to all the future fathers out there! This is my first post on I will be writing every so often to bring you a male view of the journey through pregnancy and my road to becoming a father.

My wife, who will henceforth be known to the blogger/pregger/future mommy/daddy-sphere as Kiana, was secretly writing (for a week) about our pregnancy. How dare her, I know. Hold on, did I just say "our" pregnancy? Our pregnancy? I can say that right? It sounds weird because I'm not the one with the baby growing inside me, but it's true. As I've quickly learned over the last few months pregnancy is most definitely a WE thing, not a me and then you thing. Guys, take note.

My first impressions, as a typical male, on what it would be like to go through this process went wildly different than I first imagined. There are so many important decisions to make that require both husband and wife. When we were planning our wedding I could get away with leaving Kiana to pick out the table clothes, decor and photographer and not get put in the penalty box for my lack of involvement. I could make it up in other areas, like picking out the music or choosing the fine adult beverages we were going to offer our guests. You know, manly man stuff.

With a pregnancy you have to stay involved and stay supportive. There is no where to hide and no room to delegate. Thankfully I'm too excited to even think about anything else besides getting the chance to hold my daughter in my arms for the first time. We're pregnant. Ella is on her way. I couldn't be more happy about becoming a father.

I remember when Kiana told me she was pregnant. She comes out showing me this little plastic thingamabobber and says "look". It was a confusing blue line that indicated we were pregnant, I think. So I told her to do it again. Not because I wasn't excited, but because we were both confused. Trust and verify :) So the next day the confusing blue line showed up indicating we were pregnant, again. I was very excited, but in a I'm not sure if I'm buying what you're selling kind of way. Determined to get some real medical confirmation we head off to Target to get one of the tests that says, literally says, on the stick "pregnant" if you are pregnant. If this little stick, one I picked out for its obvious medical supremacy over the confusing blue line one, was going to tell me that we were pregnant then I was going to be sold.

A while later I was outside working around the house and out comes Kiana smiling. She hands me the stick and guess what? There it was in plain English spelled out for the simplest of simpletons, PREGNANT! Joy, love, happiness and excitement all wrapped into one giant feeling. I'm going to be a father. And so the journey begins.


  1. This is a fantastic idea, especially because you are both such good writers. From my perspective, I can tell you that 25 years from now when Ella tells you she is pregnant, you will open this blog and be thankful that you kept it. You will re-read every word and wonder how it all flew by so quickly. Cherish every moment, and keep writing! Love...Dad.

  2. I love that you guys are keeping a blog for Ella! She is already so loved! I would like to request some baby bump pics and pics of the nursery's progress!

  3. Yay! So happy you decided to blog throughout the pregnancy! I definitely think you'll be happy you did! Aaron and I so happy and excited for you both! I definitely got teary-eyed on Philip's post... I love that you are writing from both perspectives! :)

  4. I love this! It brings back memories of the time I was pregnant with Kiana. It is a joyous time and it's wonderful that you're keeping record of it. Thank you so much for sharing!
    Love you both! Besitos, Mommy