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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Our Beacon of Light: Baby Bargains

Furniture, cribs, changers, diapers, pak n plays, clothes, bottles, car seats, bumpers, gliders, breast pumps, pacifiers and carriers. The list goes on and on. Kiana and I were recommended a great book called Baby Bargains by our neighbor who had just had her second child a few months prior. We were out on one of our weekend shopping adventures when I told Kiana that we should stop at the book store and pick up a copy. We found it in Barnes and Noble and purchased it, along with a nice baby book for Ella. For the record, it's not a small book.

In short order, Kiana destroyed this thick beast of a consumer product baby bible. I was completely in awe. (Reading frightens me, let alone reading about millions of baby products) Kiana was reading reviews and digging for the best values like she was on a quest for the grail. This book actually became our most valuable resource, a beacon of light navigating us through the mystic black hole of baby products. And believe me, the closer you get to this black hole the larger it gets.

I'm confident that we have purchased the safest, most sensible for the money, products money can buy. All thanks to this book. I recommend all rookie parents pick it up prior to starting the product purchasing journey for your newborn. It was great peace of mind for us.

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