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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Orlando Baby Shower

My girlfriend Lauren and my mom threw a baby shower for us in Orlando on July 30.

It was our last trip to Orlando to visit my parents because they sold their house and were in the process of packing up to move here in Atlanta. Thankfully, it was perfect timing so we could still have the baby shower with furniture still in the house!

The house was wonderfully decorated...


My parents provided all the clothes that were used as decorations. My girlfriend Jess made the elephant diaper cake - it was so impressive! My mom put together two diaper basket centerpieces where all the food was laid out and made the cute watermelon carriage.

There was a book that all the guests signed with their best baby advice and after some eating, drinking and mingling, we all settled in the living room for Philip and I to read it aloud.

Everyone had such great and really funny things to say. It was so fun to read the excerpts out loud - we thought it could potentially be awkward, but it turned out great and everyone seemed to enjoy it. It really brought the room together and we have such a great keepsake for us and Ella.

We then opened the gifts and got some really cute things...

Philip was especially excited about these flower shoes.

We hung out a bit after all the presents were opened (some highlights: handmade sweater, beanie and blanket from my Grandma, hand-stiched and crocheted burp cloth, socks and washcloths from a family friend, a bouncer and tons of cute clothes and baby basics) and then ate red velvet cake.

We loved hanging out with all our Florida friends - it was fantastic getting everyone together to celebrate such a fun time in our lives.

Cara, Alex, Lauren, Philip, Kiana, Jess, Becca, John

We especially miss my best girlfriends a ton - they're all super special and we wish they lived near us.

My brother, Daniel, drove down from Tallahassee for one night (3.5 hours each way!) to be at the shower also - it was the first time (and probably only time) he got to see me pregnant. His initial reaction to seeing my enlarged stomach: "Whoa, you weren't kidding."

We ended the shower late and our closest friends left even later. We had a wonderful time just talking and catching up. The next time we see them all will hopefully be soon in Atlanta to meet Ella for the first time!

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