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Thursday, August 4, 2011

September 29, 2011

At our last doctor's appointment, Ella's due date was mentioned by the doctor. Curiously, an unknown date was given to us: September 29th. When she said that date, I corrected her, "September 25th."

She gave me a confused look and grabbed my file as I added, "September 29th is my birthday."

While obviously confirming her thoughts, she told me, "I wouldn't have even known that's your birthday," indicating that information was not included in the file she has. Again, she said, "September 29th."

I looked to Philip. He's been in EVERY SINGLE appointment I've had. I'm not crazy, right? We've been going with September 25th as the due date for the ENTIRE pregnancy - he had heard that date as well in the very first appointment.

Instead of getting in a back-and-forth match with the doctor over something trivial like a 4 day difference, Philip smoothed over the conversation and transitioned back to whatever the due date was brought up for in the first place.

So, now Ella's due date is my birthday. I've even made it official by changing it on the side of this blog. Of course we know this date is likely not going to be her birth date as I'm not planning a cesarean, so she will come whenever she is ready (hopefully on her OWN day!)

Either way, since Philip's birthday is September 30, she will be arriving some time around those days and I don't think anyone will ever be able to get us better birthday gifts for the rest of our lives!

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