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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Atlanta Baby Shower

I'm very behind on recapping our Atlanta Baby was such a nice get together with all our friends here. Our good friends Mary, Bree and Lauren hosted at Mary and Jason's house on August 6.

There was a great spread of food. And the little candy boxes for favors were adorable. The glasses they stood on were lit from the inside.


There was also some baby food on another counter for people to try and guess what flavors they were. There weren't many people willing to participate haha, but of those who did, no one got all of them right.

Ryan snuck away while we were opening gifts to get his taste predictions in.
We all just hung out and chatted which was great because we had been very busy lately and hadn't seen everyone in a long while. Vicky, Philip's sister, came with our 3 nephews as well.

Philip with 2 of our nephews, Nate (left) and Troy.
While hanging out in the living room, there were blank white bibs and paint set out for people to create their own designs. We definitely do not have a shortage of bibs now! Some of the designs were super clever and cute.

Jason made the one on the left - Landon is their baby's name who is due 3 months after Ella. Allison, my friend from work made the one on the right.
Lauren made this bib - she's an accountant haha.
Also in the living room, there was a calendar made by Mary for everyone to guess Ella's birthday, whether it will be the AM or PM when she's born and how much she will weigh in pounds and ounces.

After a while, we got to opening presents. We were blown away by everyone's generosity...and their good taste in clothing!

Jen, who unfortunately couldn't make the shower, gave me her gift bag a couple days before at lunch to open with everyone - it was stock full of embroidered, monogrammed clothing: these bloomers, 3 sack dresses, a bib and a burp cloth. Plus, she got us a couple more pieces of clothing and the book "Go the F to Sleep" which I had been wanting - it's hilarious! 
Philip wanted hand puppets badly - he's very happy.
After presents, it was onto the beautiful cake! It was a delicious Publix cake, but Bree made the "Ella Pearl" sign - she's so talented - it really made it unique.

After all the official festivities were over, we relaxed and hung out with a few of our closest friends. We even had story time with our new book "Go the F to Sleep" with Philip and I taking turns reading aloud. It was a great laugh and great end to the shower. We're so fortunate to have so many friends who are just as excited for Ella's arrival as we are.

Philip, me and Mary - the hostess


  1. I had no idea you guys did story time with the book! haha I figured I had gotten enough stuff for Ella and needed to get something for the parents-to-be too. I'm glad you guys liked it ;) Hopefully it will help get you through some long nights, lol.

    I am beyond excited for Ella to get here!!!

  2. So cute! Congratulations! The cake looks mouth-watering. I can’t believe the day has come when I will be a mother of two. Yes, I am going to give birth to twins which is why my best friend has planned a grand celebration in one of the NYC venues for me. It feels really special.